No Cleaning Needed if You Follow this Easy Ribbon Wand Tutorial for Your Wedding Send-Off

No flower petals, no rice, no sparklers at your wedding venue?  No problem.  You can still have a festive, colorful, gorgeous send-off with these ribbon wands.

They're fast, easy, and inexpensive to make, too.  Just the kind of craft I love.

Easy Hand-Stamped Wrapping Paper Tutorial

A little over a year ago, I decided to get rid of my rather remarkable stash of printed gift wrap.  Instead, I'd have a few solid colors, that I could then dress up for any occasion.  I've had so much fun with this approach!  

Sweet Valentines Day Tea Party Sugar Cubes Tutorial

Sometimes it's the simplest ideas that are the best.  

Some of that leftover icing...

Washi Tape Twist Ties Tutorial and a Craft Supplies Giveaway!

I have a problem with ribbon.  I like it, I buy it, (I buy too much of it, in fact), I use it, and I always have some left over.  Which I can't throw away, obviously.  It's pretty, and I'll find some use for it later!  If I can find it in the jumble and mess of my ribbon box, that is.  I always coil up the ribbon nicely, but then second I go looking for something, it turns into a colorful spaghetti-like tangle of ribbons again.  I found myself wishing I had a stash of twist ties like my mom used to have.

Firefly Invitation Tutorial--Shepherd Book's Box of Strawberries

I struggled with what to do for the invitation to the Firefly themed birthday party for a long time.  Send a video e-vite "wave?"  I know nothing about video production.  It would have been awful.  I needed something decidedly more low-tech.  But inspiration eluded me...until I remembered the scene where Kaylee and Shepherd Book meet, as she's looking to book passengers on Serenity.

Make Gorgeous Party Hats Out of Snow Cones

I've discovered a Truth (capital T) in life:  you will always have fun if you're wearing feathers.  It just happens.  You can't be in a bad mood with a feathery accessory.  

DIY Glittered Cocktail Forks and an Easy, Elegant Olive and Feta Appetizer

Looking for something quick and easy to serve at holiday parties--but something that still has a big wow-factor?

How about this simple presentation of feta and olives, paired with glittery cocktail forks?  You won't believe how easy this is to do, but it looks so fancy and impressive!

How to Make a Chef Hat

What's a Mud Pie Bakery without chef hats?

How to Make Fabric Scrapbook Paper

I fell in love with the fabrics I used for the Mud Pie Bakery party.  

DIY Peter Pan's Escaped Shadow Costume (or Just a Regular Peter Pan Costume)

My children don't get to dress up for Halloween at their schools.  Instead, around here, we have the Literature Day Parade.  A day to dress up in a costume of a character from a favorite book (coincidentally timed right at Halloween!).  It's always fun, but this year, I think we have what will probably be my favorite DIY costume of all time.

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