Easy, Inepensive Real Flower Garland tutorial

I absolutely love the look of real floral garlands, but if you need to order them from a florist, the price can be amazingly high.  Not that the price is outrageous--a lot of those gorgeous garlands use a huge number of flowers, and the construction of some styles can be very tricky.  I truly believe that the florists are charging appropriately.  But sometimes (usually) I just don't have the budget to purchase such lavish floral arrangements.  But that doesn't mean I have to settle for fake flower garlands from the craft store.

Tutorial: How to Make a Dramatic Flower and Macaron Dessert Table Centerpiece

Did you see the amazing Bloom and Grow party by Million Dollar $mile Celebrations over on Hostess With The Mostess a couple days ago?  It was an absolutely magical event inspired by The Sound of Music, without being a movie themed party.

Delicious Dark Chocolate Mother's Day Bouquet Tutorial

Mother's day is right around the corner, and I'm always trying to think up cool ideas that the kids can either do entirely on their own, or with minimal parental involvement.  Preferrably none of mama's help (what's the fun in that?).  

Tutorial: Real Shell Accents for a Wedding Bouquet

Any floral arrangement can be given seaside charm by adding some stems with genuine shells.

This tutorial is similar to my Crystal Stems project, but is designed to work with items (like shells) that don't have a hole drilled through like Swarovski crystal beads.  

Easy Real Leaf Table Runner Tutorial

It's time for more fun making party decorations with real leaves today!

Incredibly Easy Real Leaf Garland Tutorial

I have absolutely no training as a florist, but I love working with real flowers, and have found that they're much more durable and forgiving than I originally thought.

DIY Easy Apothecary Jar and Rose Floral Arrangements

Did you see yesterday's post about making the big floral monogram A for the A is for Addalyn party?  Well, now I'm going to show what I did after the party with all those roses.

How to Make a Giant Floral Monogram Letter

My favorite single element from the A is for Addalyn party was definitely the large floral A on the center of the table.  

How to Make Crystal Stems to Add Sparkle to Flower Arrangements and Wedding Bouquets

Since I shut down Tradewind Tiaras to focus on Tikkido and blogging, it occurred to me that I should share some of the tips and tricks I figured out over the years in the bridal business and help some DIY brides.  Today I'm going to start with an easy tutorial for making crystal stems.

How to Make Sprinkle Lined Vases

At the Sprinkles birthday party, I used sprinkles everywhere.  Everywhere. Soooo many sprinkles.  I had this vision of vases filled with sprinkles, overflowing with bountiful blooms.  


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