Inexpensive, Easy, Glorious Gift Bag Tutorial

I'm all about entertaining on a slim budget, so I often hit the dollar store for inspiration and supplies.  Sure, the stuff in there isn't all that great on its own (at least usually), but with just a little bit of creativity, it can be transformed into something custom and beautiful.

Homemade Valentines: Sweet Candy Button Hearts Tutorial

I made some birthday cookies for a friend this weekend, and ended up with leftover royal icing.  Rather than throw it away, I was inspired to update my homemade candy buttons tutorial with a Valentine's Day twist.

Incredibly Easy Washi Tape Favor Bag Tutorial

Need favor bags for an upcoming event?  A wedding, a birthday party--maybe Valentine's day treats?  I love cute packaging, and there is seriously cute stuff out there that can be bought, but I'm generally uninterested in spending more on the package than I am on the treat inside.  

Washi Tape Twist Ties Tutorial and a Craft Supplies Giveaway!

I have a problem with ribbon.  I like it, I buy it, (I buy too much of it, in fact), I use it, and I always have some left over.  Which I can't throw away, obviously.  It's pretty, and I'll find some use for it later!  If I can find it in the jumble and mess of my ribbon box, that is.  I always coil up the ribbon nicely, but then second I go looking for something, it turns into a colorful spaghetti-like tangle of ribbons again.  I found myself wishing I had a stash of twist ties like my mom used to have.

How to Make a Chef Hat

What's a Mud Pie Bakery without chef hats?

How to Make Hairy Hobbit Feet Flip Flops

No hobbit party would be complete without a bunch of hairy-footed littled halflings running around.  

This was definitely my favorite favor from the fete, and I'm so glad that so many of the little kids loved them and wore them, too.

How to Make a Peter Pan or Robin Hood Hat

Continuing the theme from yesterday's post, today is a tutorial on how to make a simple (but completely enchanting) felt Peter Pan/Robin Hood hat.

I made these dashing caps for One Stone Event's clever Feathers and Arrows fairy tale mash-up party.  

Simple Parchment Cone Packages

I'm back!  Or rather, my computer is back!  And mostly functional, after two and a half weeks of being in the shop. I'm just crossing my fingers and hoping for the best at this point. But as long as it's up and running, I'm taking advantage of it and posting again, hooray!

How to Make a Personalized Balloons Favor

The favors from the Balloons party for Festivities magazine are my favorite to date.  

Cookie Packaging Idea for a Luau Party

I recently made some surfboard cookies for a little boy who was turning four and having a luau themed pool party.

I was pretty happy with how they turned out, but what I really loved was how I decided to package them up.  

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