Butterfly Birthday Party

My youngest daughter's nickname is Tykki-dyw, the Cornish word for butterfly. (We think the name is so cute, we adapted it for the website as well.) So when she turned two, I couldn't resist having a butterfly themed "Tykki-dyw is Turning Two" party for her. Butterfly badminton, a chrysalis contest, and a towering rose cake surrounded by butterflies made this a bright, fun birthday for all the guests.


  • Rose tower cake
  • Butterfly sugar cookies
  • Old world raspberry bars
  • Homemade candy buttons
  • Vintage windows
  • Edible butterfly garnishes
  • Bright pinks and yellows
  • Fabric covered party hats
  • Ribbon wands
  • Butterfly badminton
  • Chrysalis contest (toilet paper game)

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