Toys R Us Coupon and Coupon Code

Are you done with your Christmas shopping yet?  I thought I was pretty close...and then we had a bunch of birthday parties to attend, and I completely forgot to get presents for the kids, so I've been raiding my hidden cache of Christmas presents for the girls.  It's worked out well, really--but now I need to go shopping again!

That makes the timing for this coupon from Toys"R"Us absolutely perfect.  I'm jumping on this one today, and thought the rest of you might find it useful, too.

Use the promo code TAKE15 on the website, or if you're going to an actual store (do people still do that?), you can print out this coupon to take with you.  

Alrightie then, I'm going to rush off and take care of that shopping now before heading back to getting ready for my 4th party in 4 days.  Someone hook me up with an eggnog IV once this is all over.

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