Kitting, Organizing, and READY TO CRAFT!

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It's no secret that I like to make stuff.  Big stuff, little stuff, edible stuff, wearable stuff--I love it all.  Liking so many crafts and projects means that I, unfortunately, own a lot of...well...stuff to make the stuff. I'm always looking for new ways to contain the amazing accumulation of crafting materials, which is why I was so excited to try out Rubbermaid's new Bento Organizers.

Not the lunchbox kind of Bento, but clearly inspired by the idea.  They're these storage boxes with flexible interior walls that you can configure a ton of different ways to help keep all sorts of stuff from intermingling.


It reminds me of my favorite photography bags, with their changeable interior walls...except instead of just for cameras, the Rubbermaid Bento Organizers are for everything!  Yes!

And this is why I desperately need a new solution.  See this cardboard set of drawers?  No, I didn't tilt the camera--it's the drawers that are horribly askew.  I bought this thing for my underwear back when I was in college (just had my 15 year reunion if you must know).  

Inside the Leaning Tower of Crafts is even worse.  It's where I keep my ribbons, silk flowers, elastic, cords, etc. for making things like fabric-covered hats and fun headbands for my girls.  It's a horrible jumble of supplies, and every time I try to organize it, it seems like it's a mess again within minutes.  Do you have any clue how many times I've gone to buy more elastic cord because I can't find the supply I KNOW I have?  (Answer:  I don't know either, but it's lots.)  I'm trying to clean out the guest room closet before holiday guests arrive, and my decrepit old cardboard chest of drawers have to go.

Look at that!  Just look!  (You actually can look, and see everything!  

And the different sizes of boxes are designed to go together, so the medium box fits perfectly inside the extra large box, creating the ideal place to store my hat forms and templates.

But what I really love is the lid.  It's a tray-style lid, which makes it absolutely perfect for kitting.  That's a concept I learned about when my mom was getting her MBA (before she became a pastry chef, after she was a microbiologist and elementary school teacher).  Basically, it means to gather all of the supplies you need for a project in one container (kit), so you don't have to run back and forth to the supplies a lot of times.  It's an efficiency tool.  Maybe you have a glorious craft room, but I do my actual crafting in the family room--not where I keep my supplies.  I used to use a little plastic shoe box type thing to kit my supplies, but this tray is way better--and it's right there on top of the materials, not something else I have to store.

Ah, that's so much better.  It maximizes the storage space in my standard-depth closet, too, unlike the other containers I've been using.  One step closer to sanity in this crazy Christmas season.  Next to tackle:  that big tangle of random electronic cords that we haven't used in years but my husband insists we need to keep.  Good thing Target has coupons for the Rubbermaid Bento Organizers right now and has them on sale!  I'm going to be buying a bunch.

How are you conquering clutter?  I'm open to all ideas (except simply getting rid of all my stuff.  ;-) )

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