How Many Balloons can Fit in a Minivan?

I'm busy busy getting ready for a fun 4th of July shoot later today, but I snapped these quick pictures of the process, just in case you ever wondered...


Just how many balloons can I fit in my car, if push comes to rubbery, squeaky shove?  

I have a Kia Sedona minivan, and I fit two of those HUGE 36" round balloons, plus 122 regular 12" balloons.  The picture above is at about 50 balloons (plus the two Brobdinagian balloons).

Need oodles of balloons, but don't want to burst a lung blowing them up by yourself?  Here's a fun tip the guy at Bubbles of Joy, an awesome local independent party supply store gave to me.  Go to the corner gas station with a few quarters, and use the air pump there to fill your balloons.  Genius!   And that's the inspiration for this post--I had to get the balloons home for the party somehow.  ;-)

I'm sure I could have fit a few more in there had I removed the kids' car seats and flipped the chairs forward to make more storage space.  But I was lazy, and I still got a huge volume of balloons home.  I can't wait for the photo shoot this evening!  

This post is sponsored by Kia.  But only because I freakin' love my Kia Sedona minivan.

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